Dr Simon Bomken

Paediatric Oncologist, GNCH and MRC Clinician Scientist Newcastle University (Newcastle upon Tyne)

Dr Simon Bomken an Honorary Consultant Paediatric Oncologist at The Great North Children’s Hospital and an MRC Clinician Scientist at New Castle University.  His interest is childhood non-Hodgkin lymphomas with a particular interest in NHL in the immune dysregulated host.  He co-leads the lymphoma research group at the Wolfson Childhood Cancer Research Centre which is studying molecular drivers of mature B cell NHL, identifying prognostic factors and potential novel therapeutic targets. His particular interests include understanding the molecular drivers of therapy resistance and the role that clonal evolution has to play in this clinically important phenomenon. Using sporadic Burkitt lymphoma as a model principle disease, he is studying the genetic, transcriptomic and clonal changes which occur in response to therapeutic pressure within patient-derived xenograft models.  Through understanding the drivers of clonal evolution we want to be able to predict patients more likely to develop therapy resistance and develop treatment strategies to target key resistance mechanisms.

Dr Simon Bomken, Paediatric Oncologist and  Clinician Scientist, Newcastle University

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