Professor Darren Hargrave

Paediatric Oncologist/Neuro-Oncologist, GOSH and Institute of Child Health (London)

Professor Darren Hargrave is Professor of Paediatric Neuro-Oncology at Great Ormond Children’s Hospital, London. He specialises in Paediatric Neuro-oncology and the development of new anti-cancer drugs for children and adolescents. He trained in the UK and was a neuro-oncology clinical fellow at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Upon returning to the UK he was a Consultant Paediatric Oncologist at the Royal Marsden for 10 years before moving to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in 2011 where he leads the experimental therapeutics programme and was appointed as the GOSH Children’s Charity Clinical Professor in Paediatric Neuro-oncology at the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health in December 2017.  He is the Chair of the SIOP-E Brain Tumour Group where he previously Chaired the High-Grade Glioma working group. He served as the Chair of the Children’s Novel Agents Subgroup of the UK NCRI for 4 years and he sits on the ITCC Clinical Trials Committee and is a Chief Investigator of over 15 completed, on-going and planned clinical trials in paediatric cancer. He is a member of the Guy’s Complex NF1 clinic and has an interest in NF related tumours. His research interests include: the biology of childhood brain tumours, the use of innovative imaging techniques in childhood cancer and drug development of targeted therapies in childhood and adolescent oncology.

Professor Darren Hargrave, Professor of Neuro-Oncology, Great Ormond Street

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